Monday, July 31, 2006

MSM Lies - A Primer

A forensic analysis by Richard North reveals that two dead kids from the Qana bombing were paraded for an entire day by one individual - presumably a Hezbollah operative - to enable Reuters, AP and AFP to stage pictures.

You can read the expose here - what follows is a deconstruction of the fabricated event sequence.

The pictures all show the same man, a claimed "rescue worker" who I've given the code "A", and the dead bodies of two kids, who I've coded "1" and "2".

Here's the sequence using the times given by the agencies:

"Rescue Worker"Dead KidEventTimeAgency
A1Body pulled from wreckage2:21 PMReuters
A1Display for photographer12:25 PMReuters
A1Display for photographer12:53 PMAP
A1Display for photographer1:01 PMAP
A1Display for photographer4:09 PMAP
A1Display for photographer4:30 PMReuters
A2Carrying to Red Cross workeruntimedAP
A2Display for photographer10:44 PAP
A2Display for photographeruntimedAP
A and B2Placing body on gurney7:16 PMAFP
A2Placing body in ambulance10:25 AMAP
None2Body in ambulance7:21 AMAP

It's a tragedy these kids died, but parading their bodies for a day to stage these sequences was disgusting.

The dishonesty does not stop with AP, Reuters, and AFP - the UN and Red Cross workers on the site must have been complicit.

I hope that this analysis is used to train student journalists in the dangers of dishonest reporting. But doubt it.