Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Mullah's Bloody Fingerprints

It's clear that Iran is attacking Israel.

Iranian unguided missiles are randomly killing Israelis:
Hizbollah officials said July 13 that the group is firing a new heavy Katyusha rocket, the Raad-1, that has a range of around 70 kilometers and carries a 100-kilogram warhead. Al-Manar television showed a picture of the missile, which resembled missiles manufactured by Iran under the same name.

Israeli intelligence sources had reported in the past few months that Hizbullah had acquired from Iran long-range missiles such as the 200-kilometer Zelzal and the 150-kilometer Nazeat, both of which could reach Tel Aviv.
The Israeli warship struck by a Hizbullah-fired missile, killing two aboard and leaving two others missing, returned to its home port in Haifa on Saturday, according to TV footage.

The ship was severely damaged Friday night after it was struck by an Iranian-made, radar-guided C-102 missile.

Supplying weapons during a war doesn't automatically make the supplier nation a combatant - otherwise the Brits would have attacked France for supplying Exocets to Argentina and Roland missiles to Saddam Hussein, both used by dictators to kill Brit sailors and fliers.

But if the French had fired the weapons as well as supplying them, they'd be a combatant, and that's what Iran is doing.

The Hezbollah headhackers are possibly able, with training, to operate the Raad-1. It's an unguided rocket fired off the back of a truck. But the Silkworm uses active radar homing, and must deployed by professionals.

That makes the Mullahs a combatant. So now we have to take them down - preferably before they "give" al Qaeda nukes to use on us.