Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Relaxing In The Southern Med

The Southern Med has its own unique brands of of heat and noise.

We flew back from sunny London yesterday - 85 degrees at noon - arriving to a sweltering 95 degrees and 60% humidity. Now all the household fans are going flat out and the water heaters are off - solar gain keeps the water in the rooftop tank uncomfortably hot. After 7 weeks absence, the yard has been taken over by rampant bougainvillea, plumbago and my tomato plants, all nurtured by drip irrigation. And its very very hot.

It's noisy here too, but a different kind of noisy. London is a vast and clamorous construction site, there are continuous car alarms, emergency sirens, and mobile phone rings. Here we get Church bells, birds singing (these are the smart ones that escaped the local hunters), dogs barking, kids playing in the street outside, and the locals conversing at the tops of their voices.