Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Daily Telegraph Jew Haters

This once reliable Brit newspaper has become a terrorist mouthpiece - here's the latest example.
In Gaza, the suffering becomes a part of life

The Israeli army's new tactic of telephoning people before dropping bombs on their homes is causing panic.

Hamdi Gindia, the owner of a small construction shop, received two calls from the Israeli military telling him to leave his house.

"My son picked up the first call telling us to leave," he said. "We ignored it. Then four days later the same officer called to say we had disobeyed him and that we had 15 minutes to evacuate.

"The whole street then fled and they hit it with three missiles. Someone must have called the Israelis and said I was storing missiles, as I had just bought 500 metal support pipes for my business".

The reporter doesn't check out the "pipes", and doesn't ackowledge the uniquely humanitarian behavior of the Israelis (NATO killed over 500 civilians bombing the Serbs without warning). And when Israel does drop bombs without phoning first, the Telegraph goes into paroxysms of rage - here's how it reported the Qana "massacre":

The children went to sleep believing they were safe. And then Israel targeted them as terrorists

His smooth baby skin was mottled purple with bruising and his reddish hair frosted by cement dust, but nine-month-old Abbas Mahmoud Hashem wore a hauntingly peaceful expression when rescue workers reached him yesterday.

But Abbas will never wake up. Instead he takes his place in local legend as the youngest victim of the bloodiest incident in Israel's onslaught on southern Lebanon.

It cost the lives of as many as 57 civilians, almost all members of Abbas's extended family, who had refused to leave their home in the hamlet of Khuraybah, set on a hillside covered with olive trees, a mile north of Qana.

They're talking about the much-displayed dead kid 1, and we know the Red Cross found 28 not 57 dead, the people staging the pictures of dead kids for the MSM weren't rescue workers (the one they picture is B, AKA White T Shirt) and the village was being used to fire missiles to kill Israeli kids.

So this newspaper manipulates its news reports to convince its readers that Israeli attacks on its tormentors are unacceptable both with and without warning, and hence all Israeli attacks are unacceptable.

In this age of Islamic terror, anti-Semitic news sources are worse than useless, so this rag is off the blogroll, to be replaced for the moment by Yoni the Blogger (hat tip LGF). He tells the truth.