Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't Fund The Red Cross

Red Cross support of Hizbollah has hurt its ability to raise funds. Serves them right - they won't get another cent from the Gandalf household.

The sad news:
Charities are facing difficulties paying for humanitarian relief work in Lebanon because the public has shunned their appeals.

The British Red Cross and Unicef have managed to raise only a fraction of their multimillion-pound appeal targets, with the public and corporate donors shying away from what they consider to be a highly political conflict.

The British Red Cross has raised £400,000 during its four-week appeal, a fraction of the £10 million that it had hoped to attract…

The only charity to raise substantial funds is Christian Aid.
You can see the Red Cross workers staging dead kids here.

The Red Cross also directly
aided Hizbollah troops, hat tip Debbie Schlussel:
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) provided medical care to Hizbollah terrorists wounded while fighting against Israel, the Jerusalem Post has learned.

"The moment a Hizbollah fighter is injured, he is considered a non-combatant, so we must take care of him," ICRC spokeswoman Carla Haddad told The Jerusalem Post by phone from Geneva. . . .

Haddad confirmed that ICRC personnel in southern Lebanon, working together with members of the Lebanese Red Cross, had offered medical assistance and other unspecified forms of relief to Hizbollah members hurt on the battlefield.

The Post contacted the ICRC after a photograph appeared in Thursday's New York Times depicting Red Cross workers assisting wounded members of Hizbollah to cross a makeshift bridge over the Litani River.
If in WW2 the Red Cross had treated wounded SS troops on the battlefield and helped them escape across the Rhine, they'd have been shut down.

That needs to happen now - send your charity dollars elsewhere.