Wednesday, August 09, 2006

DU Darwin Awards

The news is full of self-harming idiots - here are 4 examples.

Chirac's latest treachery:
France proposed new language on a total cease-fire and Israeli pullout, but the Americans rejected it out of concern that without a robust international force, a vacuum would be created in southern Lebanon, a Hezbollah stronghold, the diplomats said.
This is predictable French behavior - that much-defeated nation is extremely anti-Semitic, its pols consider Israel a S****y Little Country, and its cities are full of violent Muslims.

So what was the point in France co-sponsoring the with the US a ceasefire resolution that paid lip service to Israel's right to defend itself, only to back down at the first Hizbollah objection? Now the US is reminded that France is duplicitous and the Muslims that it's cowardly.

So nobody trusts it.


Then the Dems:
Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman followed through on his threat to run as an independent candidate Wednesday and filed petitions to appear on the November ballot.

Lieberman's decision defied leaders of the Democratic Party, who called on him to unite behind political upstart Ned Lamont, an antiwar candidate who beat the incumbent senator in the party's primary Tuesday.

Lieberman supported the Iraq war; this race has been seen by many as a referendum on that issue.

What did the anti-war folks expect? The Dems, like all political parties, is a big tent. Plenty of Dems think the battle to democratize Iraq is vital to US security. Lieberman was the only Dem senator representing that view, he's a man of integrity, so he's morally obliged to stand so that voters who share his views are represented.

Of course that will split the Dem vote and may hand the seat to the GOP. But that was obvious from the start.


Then there's the idiotic behavior of Hizbollah's supporters:
After the resolution was circulated, however, Lebanon demanded that Shebaa be transferred to international custody.

Lebanese and Arab diplomats also said Israeli troops must withdraw immediately after the resolution passes, to be replaced by U.N. forces until 15,000 Lebanese troops are deployed there.
Israel will never cede the battlefield to an enemy rocketing its cities and holding its kidnapped soldiers. And the Shebaa area (AKA Bear Mountain) never belonged to Lebanon - Hizbollah wants it because it's 6,000' high & provides an excellent rocket launching platform.

So now even the doves in the Israeli cabinet have concluded there's no point negotiating with these clowns:
The Security Cabinet on Wednesday approved a wider ground offensive in south Lebanon that was expected to take 30 days as part of a new push to badly damage Hizbullah, Cabinet minister Eli Yishai said.

The decision was made with nine ministers in favor; Vice Premier Shimon Peres, Minister of Sport Ophir Paz-Pines, and Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai abstained.

The Security Cabinet authorized troops to push to the Litani River some 30 kilometers from the Israel-Lebanon border. Currently, some 10,000 soldiers are fighting Hizbullah in a six-kilometer-deep stretch from the Israel-Lebanon border.

Yishai said the proposed operation was expected to take 30 days. However, an internationally backed cease-fire was expected to be imposed well before then.
There won't be any "internationally backed ceasefire" until Hizbollah is really hurt. At that point its supporters will go along with the US resolution and forget about an Israeli withdrawal and Shebaa.

So all they've done by opposing the US resolution is get themselves killed.


Finally there's Mr. In Vino Veritas - Mel Gibson. The guy hates Jews but has belatedly realized that many of his important work colleagues are Jews who don't like being hated. So he's killed his career.