Sunday, August 20, 2006

More British Army Humor

The Burma Road (late birthday gift from Gandalfette, miraculously returned unscathed from the hell-holes of SE Asia) has this splendid story.

The Brit Special Forces in Burma in WW2 – called Chindits – were led by Brigadier “Mad Mike” Calvert. After airdropping behind the Japanese:
...Calvert’s Seventy-seventh Infantry met with resistance, especially at a small cleared hill topped by a gilded pagoda…the Chindits made a surprise charge from the thick forest, with the Japanese, in Calvert’s words “entering in to the spirit of things”, fixing bayonets and charging back.

“There, at the top of the hill, about fifty yards square, an extraordinary melee took place, everyone shooting, bayoneting, kicking at everyone else, rather like an officer’s guest night.”
The Chindits won, of course.