Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Olmert Should Tell The UN

Here’s the speech that Prime Minister Olmert should make to the UN General Assembly this week.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I stand here the representative of a unique nation, Israel, the only nation in the world whose enemies seek its total destruction. No other nation represented here faces that threat. This threat is unique in history too – even Hitler hid his intention to murder 6 million Jews. But Israel’s enemies publicly declare they will destroy all 6 million of us.

My job is to safeguard those lives – about half the Jews in the world. This address summarizes how my colleagues and I intend to do that, and how our actions will affect the nations represented here.

I will address first Israel’s friends, then our neighbors, then those indifferent to our fate, then the Palestinians and Lebanese, then our would-be destroyers, and finally the UN itself.

Our Friends

Israel has survived through the constant support of the United States. For much of our brief history, our enemies were armed and encouraged by the Soviet dictators, so our tiny nation needed US support. Israel is now more self sufficient, but all Israelis give unreserved thanks to the successive governments of the United States, and to the American people.

Israel’s friends also include many throughout the world who support our tiny democracy by trading with us, visiting us, and standing up for us. We thank you and hope you can come visit us soon.

Our Neighbors

Contrary to the assumptions of many, Israel values and honors most of its neighbors. That doesn’t mean they agree with us, but rather that they conduct their disagreements with us within the boundaries of civilized behavior.

Those honorable neighbours are led by Egypt and the Kingdom of Jordan, and include Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar and (we pray) Iraq.

It is our hope that, over time, our relationship with our neighbours will become no more rancorous than that between England and France.

The Indifferent

Most nations in this Assembly are indifferent to out fate - not unreasonably, since they have their own problems to deal with.

However some Indifferent groups don’t have that excuse.

The EU - the second richest trading block in the world - has repeatedly meddled in our affairs and finances those that kill us. We suspect this is because the EU sees interfering in our nation as a substitute for addressing its own urgent problems.

But the EU’s problems are serious and merit its undivided attention. Mossad estimates that 10% of Europe’s population is now Muslim, and that percentage is growing rapidly. The tragic events of 7 July 2005 showed a small percentage of this population brings death and suffering to its host country, and a much larger percentage supports these fanatics. To help the EU focus on solving this enormous internal problem, Israel will discourage it and its member nations from further involvement in our affairs.

Another category of nations seeks to profit by supplying weapons to our enemies. We do not take this as a sign of enmity, just that they don’t care if we live or die. We respect their choices but reserve the right to interdict their supply within the framework of international law.

Finally, there is a small but powerful group controlling much of the West’s media that repeatedly libels us. They leave our deliberately murdered babies un-mourned, while parading the bodies of innocents who died by accident.

We object to the hypocrisy of Indifferent politicians and commentators who describe our defensive efforts as “disproportionate”. Israel has been under rocket fire for over 7 months and its citizens are dying. But we are upbraided for the deaths of perhaps 1,000 Lebanese civilians (an undetermined number of whom are Hizbollah members hiding among the innocent).

Truly disproportionate acts pass without remark at this United Nations. Russia, a member of the Security Council, is thought to have killed 300,000 civilians in Chechnya.

Another permanent member of the Security Council is China, a nation that responded just 17 years ago to a student protest by crushing the children with tanks, and which slaughtered much of the population of Tibet, an independent nation it invaded in 1950.

Disproportionate responses are not confined to dictatorships. The NATO bombing of Kosovo killed or wounded up to 5,000 people. This was no doubt in a just cause, but the nation being bombed had attacked no NATO countries, and no Germans, French or Italians were cowering from rocket attacks in air raid shelters.

Israel respects the rights of the nations and groups in this Indifferent category, but will act against them when they threaten Israel’s interests - again within the broad framework of International Law.

Israel will not however tolerate the presence of enemy propagandists on its own soil. And so effective this minute, the Israeli offices of Reuters, AP and AFP are being shuttered and their personnel deported.

The Palestinians And Lebanese

At the behest of this body, Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, and from the Gaza Strip in 2005. It was our hope that these two nations, freed of our presence, would spend their energies building their prosperity. Both have a long way to go – Palestine is entirely dependent on aid and Lebanon’s per capita GNP is just $6,000.

Both nations received massive funding from their neighbours, the US and the EU.

In Lebanon, this money has gone not into schools and businesses, but to build a massive system of bunkers, rocket launchers and a military dedicated to blitzing Israelis. Since these attacks are un-aimed, this constitutes a War Crime. We hold the government of Lebanon responsible for this since Hizbollah forms part of that government.

Nevertheless, Israel supports the attempts of the Lebanese government to rid itself of these war criminals. So Israel’s armed forces will not leave that country until they have killed enough of Hizbollah's members and leadership to enable the Lebanese government to take control of its territory.

Israel will then wait until 25 years have passed without terror attacks on its citizens from Lebanese territory, and then commence talks on any areas of dispute between our nations.

The Palestinians have behaved in the same depraved manner as Hizbollah. After rejecting the Camp David Summit of 2000, they launched the second intifada, killing, among others, 123 Israeli children. Not by accident, but deliberately, shooting them in their cots and their mothers' arms, and bombing them in their dance clubs. Israel nevertheless granted Palestinians full sovereignty over the Gaza Strip on September 12, 2005. To do this we forcibly ejected thousands of our people, many of who had lived there for over 35 years and who had built a valuable farming industry.

The Palestinians might have used our withdrawal and the assets left them to build decent lives. Instead they trashed our greenhouses, launched a massive rocket attack on southern Israel – 800 so far this year – and spent their construction resources not rebuilding their houses but digging tunnels to infiltrate their assassins into Israel. And of course they elected a government of terrorists committed to our destruction.

In the light of this, Israel is adopting the following policies.

1. Israel will fully occupy the West bank until further notice and take whatever measures it deems necessary to eliminate the canker of terror from that population.

2. Israel will treat the Gaza Strip in the same way.

3. Israel will not negotiate with the Palestinian Authority until 25 years have passed without any Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli citizens.

Israel’s Would-Be Destroyers

These are Iran and Syria. One and probably both of these nations will soon have WMD, and they have undertaken to use them to "wipe us off the map".

The Israeli government believes Iran and Syria mean what they say, so will adopt the doctrine that kept the world safe thorough the nuclear confrontation of the Cold War – Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD.

That means that if either of these nations attacks Israel, we will destroy both of them – all their cities, towns and villages, all their peoples, their beasts, fields, and forests, even the birds that fly in their air. And if their leaders hide from this destruction, we will track them down and kill them, wherever they may be.

In making this statement, I am revealing that Israel has a terrible capability, which is much more potent than any weapon our enemies can develop. They should remember that the simple atomic weapons they now seek are copies of weapons developed over 60 years ago by teams that included many Jews. Technology has moved on since then.

I make two other assurances to underpin Israeli deterrence.

The first is that if an anonymous enemy uses any WMD on Israel, we will immediately destroy Syria, Iran, and any other nation we believe to be implicated.

Secondly, because our MAD capability depends on Israel being able to wreak this destruction even after sustaining a nuclear attack, our retaliatory capability –called Second Strike - will be positioned outside the State of Israel. If any nation attempts to track down or damage this Second Strike capability, we will destroy that nation, plus Syria, and Iran.

It is our hope that these clear policies will lead to the 40 years of stability they achieved during the Cold War.

The UN

Israel came into existence at the behest of the UN on November 29, 1947, so Israel should count the UN as its friend. But since that time, the UN has changed with the addition of new members, and very many of these do not share the UN’s original commitment to freedom and justice. So the State of Israel considers the UN and its secretariat to be, at best, Indifferent to our potential destruction.

Israel will nevertheless welcome a UN force to help the Lebanese government establish its authority, but only on the following conditions:

1. Israel will not allow a UN force to deploy until the IDF has degraded Hizbollah’s presence to a level that it considers a UN force competent to deal with.

2. Israel will not accept UN peacekeepers from nations that have hitherto refused to recognize the State Of Israel. If the UN insists on including such nations, Israel will treat the UN force as hostile.

3. In the event that the UN force follows the practices of all previous UN forces and assists Israel’s enemies either actively or passively, Israel will attack that force.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope these policies will ensure the survival of the Jewish people. But they may fail – we are mortal, evil is ever with us and infinitely adaptable.

If we fail, Israel will pass from the face of the earth. In that case be reassured that we will not trigger a Doomsday Bomb to destroy all life on earth – our religion does not permit suicide.

Instead we will leave the ruins of our precious nation on top of the layers of the 20 previous civilzations that make up our town of Megiddo – Armageddon to you.

Thank you for your attention.