Saturday, September 02, 2006

Brits Go Nuts

My weekly survey of the Brit MSM shows nobody at the wheel of the Brit ship of state during Blair's extended demise. So it's hit the rocks.

I stand by my prediction that Blair will resign this month - latest signs are his putting family first by staying on vacation during the August security alert, and officials leaking against him:
Tony Blair's growing isolation was laid bare last night, when it emerged that he ditched his deeply unpopular policy on Lebanon after a “devastating” letter from his most trusted ambassador.

After the letter from Sir David, Mr Blair shifted quickly from solid support of President Bush, and a refusal to call for an immediate ceasefire in the fighting, to calling openly for an urgent ceasefire.
If Sir David's job requires the Prime Minister to trust him, he'll only be putting the knife in if he's sure Blair won't be around to fire him.

While the knives flash, the country goes nuts.

Nutty Air Transport Security

Confirming our shopping trip to Italy later this month, I find the rest of Europe hasn't adopted the Brit carry-on cuts. So Europeans will shop in Rome, Paris etc., rather than visit London and be forced to consign their purchases to the mercies of the checked bag handlers.

Bizarrely, Brits can still safely shop outside the UK since non-Brit carriers don't enforce the cutbacks for flights back to the UK - only for flights out. So they can still fly to Paris and bring their pricey purchases safely back as hand baggage.

And anyone planning on using a London airport for transit will have switched to Schipol, Charles de Gaulle or Frankfurt.

This debacle will cost the UK billions.

Nutty Adoption of Sharia Law

Brits just got Sharia law by the back door.

After the divorce of a Brit Muslim couple, a court gave custody of the youngest girl to the mother and the father headed back to Pakistan. Last week the father had his eldest daughter take the 12 year-old from outside her school in Scotland and drive her to him at a local airport whence he took her to Pakistan. The child tells Brit enquirers that she wanted to return to Pakistan.

The father and elder daughter committed a criminal act by removing a minor from the protection of a British court. And this kid is now under female-brutalizing Sharia law. A functioning Brit government would demand her immediate return, put the Pakistani family on the No Fly List, and revoke their UK citizenship.

Instead, the Brits indulge in this pathetic hand-wringing (my emphasis):
If the courts in Pakistan decide not to order Misbah’s return, it will send out a worrying message. Parents and children must see that breaking the law is not the way to resolve things.
Since Pakistan is a deeply corrupt Muslim dictatorship, there's no chance it'll send the kid back.

So this sets the precedent that a Brit Muslim male can kidnap a female family member back to a Sharia jurisdiction that will allow him to do with her as he wills. This is terrible news for Brit Muslim women.

Nutty Marxists Are Back

And they're using a novel definition of corruption:
Britain deserves inclusion high on any list of corrupt countries because of its "pinstripe infrastructure" of financial advisers squirreling away money offshore and because of its reluctance to close down its tax havens, the Royal Geographical Society's annual conference was told.

(The speaker) criticised the ranking of the world's most corrupt nations compiled annually by Transparency which African countries come out as the most corrupt.

(The speaker) accused Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, of failing to carry out his promise to go after large scale corporate tax avoiders, because of a reluctance to alter Britain's perception as a "low tax" nation.
But tax avoidance is:
...the legal utilization of the tax regime to one's own advantage, in order to reduce the amount of tax that is payable by means that are within the law.
So this fellow equates a company's legally ordering its affairs to minimize its tax bill with pols stealing aid money.

And They've Taken Control Of The Asylum

You'd have thought you'd be safe reading the Motoring section of the anti-semitic London Daily Telegraph. Not so - it's wound round the axle about Iraq and Global Worming!

The debacle of the Iraq war grew from false assumptions that were and are hugely costly in terms of human life, money and national reputation.

But false assumptions about our environment, lifestyle and transport will have even more devastating consequences.

So what are these false assumptions? Here are some examples:
Technology will solve our problems.
Climate change has always occurred.
Two degrees C is a small change.
What I do makes little difference.
Owning things makes me happy.
You will never get people out of cars.
Cars can confer respect and prestige.
Cars aren't the main problem.

So now you know - climate change never occurred before! so it's all your fault! and you just have to walk, little man!

If history is a guide, the Brits have to wait 6 years for decent government.