Monday, October 09, 2006

Preventing The 15 Kiloton IED

The most humanitarian solution to the North Korean nuke program is an immediate US strike to take out every reactor, R&D center and production facility. If we leave the program intact, the North Korean dictatorship is bound to proliferate - putting hundreds of Hiroshima yield weapons in the hands of maniacs.

The North Korea dictatorship has shown it will keep on building weapons even when we bribe them not to - they did that between 1994 and 2002. Now they have a weapon, they'll use it to get the money they need to sustain their expensive lifestyle. That should be easy - just blackmail South Korea and sell nukes to other wealthy fear states.

If we don't bribe North Korea, but instead apply strong economic sanctions, they'll follow the exact same course, selling weapons or fissile material to other fear states.

So, whether we feed the crocodile or sanction it, expect most of these states to acquire nukes from North Korea within a few years:
Iran (if it can't get its centrifuges to scale)
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

That makes a strike on North Korea now by far the most humanitarian option. If you doubt that, read the final chapter of this book on the effects of the Hiroshima bomb.