Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Bloody Legacy Of Bush 41, Baker And Gates

The President should not rely on his father's advisers - they're responsible for millions of deaths and permanent damage to the reputation of the US.

OpinionJournal lists Bush 41's achievements:
The senior Mr. Bush is justly remembered as the architect of the broad coalition that evicted Saddam Hussein from Kuwait--and of the Coalition of One that took down Manuel Noriega of Panama.

Bush 41 also deserves great credit for engineering the North American Free Trade Agreement and supporting German reunification when it was opposed by the likes of Margaret Thatcher.
But without Mrs. T, Bush 41 would likely have "gone wobbly" and left Saddam to grow fat on Kuwaiti oil and build his nukes. And most everyone in the old West Germany now agrees with Mrs T that reunification is a disaster. And NAFTA was supposed to make Mexico's economy grow, which it has manifestly failed to do - hence the increased flow of illegals.

After this faint praise, OpinionJournal lists the bad things Bush 41 and his advisers did.

They undermined Israel
(my ellipsis):
..."1-202-456-1414," (is) the number for the White House switchboard. As secretary of state, Mr. Baker read it aloud in congressional testimony in 1990, ostensibly for the benefit of Israelis once they got "serious about peace."

A year later, and for much the same reason, the Bush administration threatened to withhold $10 billion in commercial loan guarantees, which Israel needed to cope with the influx of some one million Russian Jews--fully a fifth of its population.

Mr. Baker fostered the fatal perception that the failure of Arabs and Jews to make peace was the root of the region's problems, not a symptom of them, and that the obstacle to peace was intransigent Israel, not militant Islam. Bob Gates (the new SecDev) later gave voice to that perception when he wrote, in a 1998 New York Times op-ed, that the road to Mideast peace must "not kowtow to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's obstructionism."
Thousands of Israelis and Palestinians have died as as result of the actions of these ignorant, foolish and arrogant men, and the mess they left is now unresolvable.

They supported the Serbian genocide:
...take "Lawrence of Serbia," the moniker Mr. Eagleburger earned for his initial indulgence, as the State Department's point man on Yugoslav affairs during the early 1990s while the country was coming apart, of Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic.

Mr. Eagleburger, who had longstanding business ties in Belgrade, spent the early period of the war largely ignoring Mr. Milosevic's depredations on his neighbors, including paramilitary slaughters in Vukovar and concentration camps in Omarska.

"There was a kind of preference for stability and an attachment to the old Yugoslavia over our interests in human rights," Patrick Glynn of the American Enterprise Institute told Newsday in 1992, adding the administration had "been standing by, waiting while the final solution is played out."
It was indeed a "final solution" - Serbs killed hundreds of thousands or Croats, Bosnians and Kosovars. The slaughter of the Bosnians fueled Islamic hatred of the US.

They tried To sustain Soviet tyranny
The U.S. was the 39th country to re-establish diplomatic ties with Lithuania, after Iceland and Mongolia had already paved the way.

Once Mr. Gorbachev was gone, Mr. Bush was equally reluctant to help the new Russia get on its feet, prompting Richard Nixon to complain about the administration's "pathetically inadequate response in light of the opportunities we face in the crisis in the former Soviet Union."
Ex-Soviet subject nations must view with horror the return of Baker and Gates to power.

They betrayed the Iraqi Kurds and Shias:

(In an) apparently flip suggestion, following "victory" in the Gulf War, (Bush 41 said) that the "Iraqi people . . . (should) take matters into their own hands and force Saddam Hussein, the dictator, to step down."

Tens of thousands of Shiites and Kurds took him seriously, and tens of thousands paid with their lives as Saddam quelled the revolt while the Bush administration stood by, lest it exceed its U.N. mandate.
This is what happened:

...Saddam Hussein responded to the uprisings with crushing force. According to Human Rights Watch:

In their attempts to retake cities, and after consolidating control, loyalist forces killed thousands of unarmed civilians by firing indiscriminately into residential areas; executing young people on the streets, in homes and in hospitals; rounding up suspects, especially young men, during house-to-house searches, and arresting them without charge or shooting them en masse; and using helicopters to attack unarmed civilians as they fled the cities.

Some civilians were tied to tanks and used as human shields. In Karbala, some of Shiite Islam’s holiest shrines were destroyed. Others were used as centers for murder, torture and rape. In Najaf, residential areas were bombed, and hospital staff and patients were murdered. The homes of suspected rebels were destroyed while the suspects were executed in the streets.

More than 2 million Kurds fled into the snowy peaks between Iran and Turkey. Children died from typhoid, dehydration and dysentery...At one point in 1991, an estimated 2,000 Kurds were dying every day.

Iraqis remember this betrayal and its horrible consequences, and that memory fuels the insurgency that followed the coalition victory in Iraq. The Sunnis expect that the US will again leave the Kurds and Shias to their fate, and all parties act accordingly. As a result tens of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of Coalition soldiers have died.

So the legacy of Bush 41 is malign, and importing his worthless advisers into our world guarantees more slaughter, destruction, and American shame