Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Educated Soldiers Win Wars

(From LGF)

Reaction to Senator Kerry's slur confirms the US military in Iraq is the best force ever fielded. That's because its smart and well trained people (above shown being ironic) can deploy more complex and lethal weapons.

I know software professionals with Masters degrees who've deployed to Iraq, and that's not unusual. Here's a comment from a serving officer on a Michelle Malkin post:

...94.4% of military members have a high school education or better, compared to 89% of their civilian equivalents...

Generally, you must have a high school diploma to join the military as an enlisted man. You must have a college degree to become an officer.

In the Air Force, I met a fair number of sergeants with bachelor's degrees, some master's degrees, and even a couple PhDs. I don't see the same in the civilian blue collar work force.

As an officer, you must earn a master's degree to win promotion to major, which comes at the 13 year point. That means all the mid-level managers in the officer corps have graduate degrees...In the Air
Force, one out of eleven officers, have doctorates or professional degrees.

Here's some of the complex-but-lethal equipment they use (my formating)

Several hundred hummers in Iraq and Afghanistan have a special gun turret. From a distance, the hummer looks like just another vehicle with a .50 caliber machine-gun mounted in a turret.

But those special turrets contain the M707 Knight Precision Targeting System. Added to the turret are:

- a laser designator (for laser guided bombs or missiles),

- a laser rangefinder,

- a thermal imager (for seeing at night or in bad weather),

- an inertial/GPS navigation system (which also supplies information for smart bombs),

- communications gear,

- and computers for quickly taking data from the laser range finder, and transmitting it to a bomber overhead, which then drops the smart bomb (GPS guided or laser homing) on the target.

Think of it as; point, calculate, transmit and shoot...The M707 system was introduced in 2005, and now, about 200 are in use, and hundreds more are on order.

So Kerry should take note: America's military dominates precisely because its men and women have the education and training to use the best weapons systems.