Thursday, December 21, 2006

EU'll Be Sorry

The EU enables cash to flow to Hamas while France provides air cover for Hizbollah's re-armament. So they'll end up part of the eventual Mideast nuke-fest.

The EU (my ellipsis):
EU monitors overtook the responsibility of operating the crossing (from Egypt to the Gaza strip) in November 2005 after the implementation of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's withdrawal plan from Gaza.

Some $60 million have been smuggled from Egypt into the Gaza Strip through the EU-controlled Rafah border crossing, Gen. Pietro Pistolese the head of the team of monitors said Thursday.
Fortunately, the Israelis did stop this (my ellipsis):
(The Israeli) Defense Minister Amir ordered the closure of the Rafah crossing in Gaza Thursday to prevent (the Hamas leader) from returning to the Strip with dozens of millions of dollars in aid that he had received from neighboring Arab nations and Iran, during his recent trip around the Middle East.
Still, $60 million funds a lot of suicide bombers and rockets.

The French have had similarly delivered on their UN commitment to disarm Hizbollah (my ellipsis):
Syria...(has) used the past four months since the end of the war to transfer - sometimes on a daily basis - truckloads of advanced rockets and weaponry to Hizbullah in Lebanon. The weapon transfers...were not even executed covertly, but were conducted "out in the open" for the entire world to see.
None of this is surprising, given the EU's corruption & incompetence and French antisemitism. But these guys are stoking a nuclear war, which their in-theater forces won't survive, and their capitals may not.

That's dumb.