Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Real Job For Bolton

The US depends on its emerging Russian enemy for the uranium to fuel its switch away from oil. That's a deadly exposure, which can only be fixed by a superlative manager - step forward John Bolton.

Russia has become another USSR. It's prepping the Iranians to kill the Jews:
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday that imposing wide-ranging sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program would be "irresponsible."
And murdering its opponents (my ellipsis):
Despite a formal pledge of cooperation with the team of (Scotland Yard) detectives who have flown into Moscow, Russian authorities threw up a succession of obstacles to the inquiry.

Yuri Chaika, the Prosecutor General, ruled out any interviews with leaders of the FSB, the secret service agency suspected in Whitehall of masterminding the murder of Mr Litvinenko with the radioactive poison polonium-210.

So it's intolerable that the US depends on Russian uranium for its nuclear power program (WSJ, $, my ellipsis and emphasis):

The Bush administration's plan for a "renaissance" in nuclear power may be crimped by tightening world-wide supplies of uranium and a lack of enrichment facilities to turn the uranium into fuel for power plants.

In a recent setback, an accident in October flooded the world's largest uranium mine, which was set to open in Canada next year. That nudged prices for processed uranium ore, already up more than 800% since 2001, even higher

...Russia...provides about half the enriched nuclear fuel used in this country (the US).

However, the "Ad Hoc Utility Group," an industry collective that represents 85% of the utilities involved in producing nuclear power is nervous about securing adequate fuel supplies for nuclear power plants over the next 10 years. The group is lobbying the administration to allow Russia to sell enriched fuel directly to U.S. utilities.

The accident at the Canadian mine highlights the supply problem. In October, the ceiling of the nearly completed mine, located in Saskatchewan, collapsed and let in a flood of water. The mine's owner...says the mishap will delay completion for as long as three years. The mine could eventually supply 17% of the world's uranium demand, (it) says.

This mix of committees and the messed up projects is no doubt further complicated by the fools at State.

Fixing it is a classic program manager's task, and the president should set the goal of US energy independence and appoint a tough manager to bash heads and direct national resources to get US enrichment facilities built, and bring that Canadian mine on stream.

He should appoint Bolton to the task. I'm sure Bolton will enjoy the job - unlike draining the UN swamp, ensuring US energy independence is an achievable task with a tangible and valuable outcome.