Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Asymmetric Information Warfare

Our MSM uses the terrorist technique of asymmetric warfare to distort the news it presents. That could be fatal.

In asymmetric warfare, non-state actors exploit the vulnerabilities of states. Thus terrorists dressed as civilians can deploy IEDs by exploiting our desire to avoid civilian casualties. Our MSM supports this view by ignoring or minimizing the crimes of non-state actors, while howling with outrage at every supposed state infraction.

Example 1: The Head Hackers

Starting with Danny Pearl, Muslim terrorists have been recording their sawing the heads off living innocents. Our MSM have reported this in much the same way that it reports crime - a quick splash, then silence. Here's how Amnesty International supports these war criminals (my emphasis and ellipsis):
Many of these killings by armed groups, in Amnesty international’s view, constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity. As such, there is an obligation on both the Iraqi government and the international community at large to ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes are identified and brought to justice.

Without doubt, Iraqi civilians have paid a high price for getting rid of Saddam Hussain’s regime, and continue to do so.
So it's all America's fault for getting rid of the odious dictator.

When however, one such head hacker is caught, tried in an open court, found guilty, and hanged, the fact that he loses his head causes international condemnation:
Iraq's government drew worldwide condemnation yesterday when two of Saddam Hussein's closest allies were hanged, including his half-brother Barzan who was decapitated during a bungled execution....

A government video showed the blood-soaked body of Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, formerly chief of Saddam's intelligence service, lying on the floor, with his severed head a few feet away.
This man was responsible for:
...summary and arbitrary executions... the use of rape as a political tool and...enforced and involuntary disappearances...public beheadings of women who were accused of being prostitutes, which took place in front of family members, including children...a campaign of extermination against the Kurdish people living in Northern Iraq (that)...resulted in the death of at least 50,000 (some reports estimate as many as 100,000 people), many of them women and children.
To her eternal shame, Condoleeza Rice complained:
"It did not reflect well on the Iraqi government that it came out that way. There was no doubt it should have been handled with dignity."
Example 2: The Traitor

Sandy Berger is a self-confessed liar and thief who stole papers from the US National Archives and destroyed them, in an apparent attempt to hide the Clinton administration's handling of al Quada:
Mr. Berger knew exactly what he was doing and knew that what he was doing was wrong. According to interviews with National Archives staff, Mr. Berger repeatedly arranged to be left alone with highly classified documents by feigning the need to make personal phone calls, and he used those moments alone with the files to stuff them in his pockets and briefcase.

during three of Mr. Berger's four visits to the Archives in 2002 and 2003, the former National Security Adviser did have access to original documents of which no adequate inventory existed or exists.
Only the WSJ has picked up on this, I suspect because Berger is a civilian. Unlike Lewis Libby, who after a multi-million dollar investigation into a non-crime is faces a Soviet-style show trial - there's a good summary of the players here.

It's possible Libby did mislead investigators, but since no crime was committed (the Plame woman was not covert) and Libby didn't out her (Armitage has admitted he did), then Libby did no harm.

But this case, and its consequences will likely still be running when Berger is free of his plea bargain in 2008.

So our MSM has a systemic fault, possibly because the people who work for it hate authority.

That fault may be the death of them. And us.