Saturday, January 06, 2007

EU Flight Horrors

The new EU cabin baggage regulations mean you can't carry a laptop plus 4 days clothing. That's a shame, because it invalidates the EU's only decent idea - a single market of 27 nations.

The EU just cut the IATA cabin allowance of 22" x 18" x 10" to 21.6" x 15.7" x 7.9". Tomorrow we're flying from London (where they'll be anal about this limit) to Italy (where they won't, but they'll pinch checked bags).

So instead of blogging, I just spent an hour proving you can't fit a laptop plus 4 days clothing into an EUbag. That means the road warriors who keep the US economy humming can't operate in the EU - another reason its economy is in the tank.

These regulations happen because all EU nations are modified monarchies, so the ruling elites don't share the experiences of their subjects. In comparison the US Senate and the TSA are benign.

Anyway, the laptop has to be left behind, so no blogging for a week.