Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Shot The Infidel, er, Armenian

There are two quite different accounts in the Brit quality media of the murder of a brave Turkish-Armenian - which do you believe?

Sunday Telegraph (my emphasis):
A prominent Turkish journalist who campaigned for Armenian rights was shot outside his office in central Istanbul by suspected Turkish nationalists yesterday, days after saying he had received anonymous death threats....

Witnesses said the assailant was a teenager wearing a white cap and jeans. "He shouted '
I shot the infidel' as he ran away," said Muharrem Gozutok, a restaurant owner.
London Sunday Times (my emphasis):
Witnesses said that as Dink, who had received numerous threats, emerged he was shot three times in the nape of the neck by a young man. His murderer fled, shouting, “I have killed an Armenian”.
The two accounts can be logically related, since Armenians are Christians, and hence - to a Muslim - infidels. But the words "Armenian" and "Infidel" must surely be quite different in Turkish, since the former describes a racial group of millions, while the latter identifies us 5 billion "kuffaars".

So either the Telegraph wants to give the impression that Turkey is infested with Muslim killers, or the Times wishes to hide that fact.