Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mr Ban Goes To Washington

Like his predecessor, the new UN leader expects the US to fill his begging bowl while he insults America's elected leader.

The begging bowl:
At a Washington meeting with congressional foreign-policy and budgetary leaders...Mr. Ban asked to amend a legislation that allows Congress to approve payments of no more than 25% of the U.N. peacekeeping operations, while the United Nations assesses American dues at 27%. America pays over $1 billion for U.N. peacekeeping annually.

"There is a shortage of two percentage points, which will result in annually a $150 million or $200 million shortage of American contributions, which will, if it is accumulated, create very difficult constraints in smoothly carrying out peacekeeping operations," he told reporters yesterday.
But the issue isn't how the UN "assesses" the US contribution, but whether its peacekeepers are capable of more than raping kids and providing air cover for terrorists. And whether the UN secretariat can spend US cash honestly, given its perpetration of the biggest scam in history.

Instead of addressing these issues, Mr Ban damned the president with insincere praise:
...while visiting the White House on Tuesday, Mr. Ban called Mr. Bush a "great leader." Mr. Ban felt compelled to explain to reporters yesterday that "in diplomacy, it is appropriate to address heads of state or government with due respect and courtesy."
Ban is probably more fool than knave, but either way he can't be trusted with US tax dollars.